Founding members

Dania Samawi

Founding member

“I joined the SRC in 2009 as a volunteer; raising funds for victims of forgotten disasters in Switzerland and abroad as well as having co-presided the Swiss red cross ball for four years.
My work with the Red Cross allowed me to visit projects on a local and international scale. Meeting with beneficiaries and staff members in order to have a more hands-on understanding of their needs.
I was able to witness the execution of these programs and realize the essential role women have in successfully implementing programs and helping to reduce the sufferings in their own families and communities.

Active in philanthropy for over ten years, I decided to found the Tiffany Circle Swiss chapter for women who share the same values and commitment to join forces under the principles of the Red Cross with an aim of empowering women worldwide and help them become more self reliant in order to have better lives.”