Founding members

Dania Samawi

Founding member

“In January 2017, I visited the refugee camps in Lebanon where 1.1 million refugees are registered; the largest number per capita in the world and representing one third of the entire Lebanese population. Of course we have all seen the pictures in the media and heard the stories of the tragic loss and misery of the refugees. However nothing could prepare us for what we saw and experienced at these camps. The disparity in the eyes of the men, women and children was heart wrenching. Their tears of misfortune, lack of hope and dignity was inhumane.

Upon leaving one of the camps, an elder lady approached me and made me promise to speak out about their dire living standards. Her exact words were: “tell them how we are living, tell them please, tell them….”

Ladies, we are here to demonstrate our continuous support to those families and children whose dreams were shattered, and whose only goal is to survive yet another day.”