The live auction is one of the major highlights of the Swiss Red Cross Gala in Zurich. Fortunate buyers can win themselves exceptional lots, priceless experiences and unique opportunities. So get caught up in the auction fever and up the ante!

Enjoy an exclusive VIP experience with DJ Antoine, experience the Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert and let yourself be touched by the magic of Matteo Gonet’s Balloon Chandelier. Bid for a rare work of art by Christina Oiticica, wife of Paulo Coelho, an exceptional artist who leaves her brush to the forces of nature and buries her works of art underground. Experience sporting excellence with the Swiss Top Event Weltklasse Zürich and an exclusive stay at the Widder Hotel, the breathtaking Blesq necklace, a trip to the Maldives with a visit to the Soneva Fushi Resort and help the Swiss Red Cross support mothers and children in need worldwide.

These and many other auction prices are a good reason to participate in the bidding and thus support the work of the Swiss Red Cross.

Let yourself be inspired by the auction fever and get started! Auctioneer Andreas Rumbler, Chairman of Christie’s Switzerland, is looking forward to your participation.

Andreas Rumbler

Partner at Lévy Gorvy

Andreas Rumbler joins Lévy Gorvy after a tenure of nearly three decades at Christie’s. He was named Chairman of Christie’s Switzerland in 2010 and ran Christie’s German operation from 2000-10. In his role as Deputy Chairman of the house’s Impressionist and Modern Department he worked on bringing to auction many notable international collections and masterworks. He joined the Christie’s Print department in London in 1989, and quickly developed a passion for early 20th Century European avant-garde, particularly German Expressionism.

Rumbler was instrumental in establishing Christie’s leadership in the German and Austrian art market, resulting in record prices for artists such as Schiele, Klimt, Kandinsky and Franz Marc, and culminating in the 2006 world record sale of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Berliner Strassenszene (Berlin Street Scene). Rumbler also negotiated restitution of this notable work and continues to be a foremost advisor on restitution cases. He has secured and overseen many high-profile estate sales, including that of Swiss art connoisseur and museum founder Ernst Beyeler.


camerata_08-1076 01

Conduct the Camerata Zurich Orchestra

Together with Howard Griffiths, conduct the Camerata Zurich Orchestra and secure 10 VIP tickets for the Lucerne Festival.

Camerata Switzerland combines outstanding musical quality with infectious enthusiasm and works closely with the internationally successful conductor Howard Griffiths as part of an artistic partnership.

Gain an insight into a conductor’s everyday leadership life and experience various methodical leadership approaches in a playful way together with musicians from Camerata Switzerland and Howard Griffiths! We will introduce you to the craft of a conductor and show you how a conductor achieves that the musicians make music together instead of just playing their notes.

Try it yourself – play with the 25-strong Orchestra of the Camerata Zurich and secure yourself 10 VIP-Tickets for the Lucerne Festival.

3 02

Prometheus IV: Table lamp by Christopher Boots 2017

ø 450 mm, 27 w limited

Bid for a lamp created by the most breathtaking light artist in the world: Christopher Boots.

Elements that pick up fire from Greek mythology and pay homage to the Greek gods – such as the lamp Prometheus, the god who brought fire to earth to make it as powerful as the gods.

The Australian’s objects with Greek roots are unmissable eye-catchers. His work is, by the way, not only convincing on the surface: everything is produced in a sustainable way, in a way that protects nature and the environment, making Christopher Boots a true light artist of the future.

Christopher Boots is not a blank page in the world of haute horlogerie: at Hermès Cartier, in the world’s most important hotels and architectural buildings, you will always find the crown of the master. The highest bidder has the chance to bid for such a divine firelight for eternity.

CHF 14,000
DSC_023 3 03

Baloon chandelier Skyblue 2018 by Matteo Gonet

Opal glass, ø 1.20 m, single piece

Bid for the most luxurious glass artist in Switzerland.

Matteo Gonet is a glass designer based in Switzerland, driven by a love for glass and light and committed to excellence. Matteo Gonet (*1979), who grew up in Lugano and Lausanne, has been studying glass since the age of 15. With ten employees he translates objects for artists, architects and designers into glass and realizes his own projects worldwide. Matteo Gonet has consolidated his reputation in the world of art and design with many spectacular projects, including his recent collaboration with Château de Versailles and Chanel.

The Balloon Chandelier is one of Matteo Gonet’s most famous works. “A unique piece that radiates joie de vivre. Art must be fun, combining craftsmanship and depth. It is a form of energy and is primarily there to make people happy,” explains gallery owner Atossa Meier.

CHF 18,000
butterfly_elle 04

Butterfly "Elle" by Christina Oiticica 2016

Dimensions: 1.66 m x 1.30 m
Gold pigments and minerals on a leash
Unique piece for the “Reborn”-exhibition at Gallery Elle

Bid for a rare work of art by Christina Oiticica, wife of Paulo Coelho, an exceptional artist who leaves her brush to the forces of nature.

Christina Oiticica was born in Amazonia and buries her works of art underground. It is part of the concept that the original work can sometimes hardly be recognized after it has been processed by nature. Occasionally it even happens that the environment keeps some works to itself. For the lucky highest bidder, more VIP surprises await: The couple invites you to their private residence in Geneva for an intimate lunch and delicacies from Brazilian haute cuisine and a personal guided tour through the museum “Foundation Paulo Coelho & Christina Oiticica”, to which the public has no access. There you will discover thousands of books, Paulo Coelho’s first typewriter, prizes from all over the world, insight into private photos and many other personal anecdotes from the life of the Coelhos.

CHF 22,000
blesq 05

A masterpiece from the Blesq Waves Collection

“We want to share more than exceptional jewellery and timeless elegance with you. We want to share with you our passion for quality, beauty and sustainability. With every single, hand-picked piece from Blesq.” The creators took this claim of Alexander Kuenzi, the founder of Blesq, to heart when they surpassed themselves in producing this masterpiece from the Waves Collection. The organic, femininely curved bodies shine in the purity of 18-carat rose gold that seamlessly unites all segments into a perfect whole. This is the reason for its special brilliance, which is composed of the beguiling radiance of numerous hand-picked pink diamonds. Finally, it has been perfected down to the last detail to give you the feeling of looking into the infinity of an ocean.

CHF 49,900
Antoine 01.03.18-2 06

VIP recording with DJ Antoine

Be a star! DJ Antoine leads you to his recording studio – to record your first own single! Maybe it will be the new hit of the year – DJ Antoine will give his best anyway – and if you don’t want to sing yourself, he’ll also hire a singer for your hit 2019!

Afterwards, of course, you all go to one of DJ Antoine’s favourite pubs for discussing your new career with the crew at a wonderful and inspiring dinner! An unforgettable and extraordinary experience on the way to the first Grammy Award!

BICO Simplon Boxspring Ritmo grau 07

Exclusive Bico box spring bed - handmade in Switzerland

We are convinced of the influence of deep healthy sleep on a high quality of life. With a lot of experience since 1861 we look at sleep comprehensively and constantly develop innovations to offer the ideal solutions for the best sleep. Out of love for our origins, we rely on sustainable resources and are proud to be able to say: Our products are handmade in Switzerland.

The Swiss interpretation “Simplon” of the traditional box spring bed was developed by furniture designer Björn Ischi. The bed is covered with the finest textile from the Appenzell weaving mill Tisca. Its high wool content ensures good temperature and humidity regulation. Bico does without classic steel springs and instead uses the patented Wings® technology combined with metal-free TBS springs. Matched to the Boxspring system, the mattresses (here: one lying surface soft, one dura) provide completely new comfort. The Premium Topper contains swisswool® and is washable at 60°. In addition, the bed is equipped with duvet and pillow, finest cotton satin bed linen as well as a Bico Plaid and matching decorative pillows.

CHF 25,000
belvedere-1601377_1920 08

Tickets for the New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic and two nights in a 5-star hotel in Vienna for two persons

The New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic is probably the most famous concert in the world and is dedicated above all to the works of the Strauss dynasty. Every year it is broadcast via TV, radio and Internet in over 90 countries and watched live by millions of viewers worldwide.

It is one of the most exclusive events in the world – getting tickets on the open market is impossible.

In addition to the two concert tickets, the price includes two nights in a double room in a 5-star hotel in Vienna at the most beautiful and romantic time of the year in the imperial city.

ltr_peterknogl_dsc0866_-c-ben_koechlin 09

Exclusive dinner for 6 guests in the privacy of your home, cooked by 3 star Michelin Chef Peter Knogl

Peter Knogl has been among the top 100 restaurants in the world since 2015 with the restaurant Cheval Blanc (3 stars Michelin and 19 points GaultMillau) in the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel. French haute cuisine, reinterpreted with Mediterranean and Asian influences – Peter Knogl’s creations are rich in culinary surprises, always stylistically confident and of great taste refinement.

Let yourself and your guests at home be delighted by a symphony of aromas, colours and harmonious flavours served by the star chef and current Michelin sommelier award winner Christoph Kokemoor.

Experience how beautiful, intense and invigorating culinary delights can be!

Valid for 1 year
Black-out data: Basel World, Art Basel 2020, New Year’s Eve, 31 July
Date by arrangement, depending on availability (Sunday and Monday flexible)

soneva_fushi 10

Seven nights at the ultra luxury resort Soneva Fushi

Enjoy seven nights for four people sharing a two bedroom villa at the ultra luxury resort Soneva Fushi on the Maldives.

The original Soneva in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Baa Atoll on the Maldives. Everything at this magical place feels like not from this world. From the crystal clear turquoise waters and dolphins at sunset to the delicious food served in the resort’s various restaurants. Choose from nine different restaurants, five hundred wines and eleven types of pillows. Relax in our hotel’s own Six Senses Spa. Wonderful nights of stargazing, tasting organic delicacies and exploring the coral reef. A personal butler reads your wishes from your eyes and intuitively senses what you want before you know it.

If the experiences are magical, the philosophy is simple: no news, no shoes. No demands either.

Valid until 21 June 2020.

Black-out dates: 1 Apr – 10 May 2019 | 17 Jun – 30 Sep 2019, 15 Oct – 10 Nov 2019 | 2 Dec – 12 Jan 2020 | 1 Feb 23 2020, 1 Apr – 25 2020 | 1 May – 7 2020.

CHF 20,000
Laos_MNCH THapo HC (11).JPG 11

Expansion and conversion of seven health centres including medical equipment

Newborns and children under the age of 5 have a high mortality rate in developing countries. Many health centres in Laos are in catastrophic condition. There is a lack of electricity and clean water. There is a lack of hygiene and thus access to medical aid.

This can be changed. With your help, the Swiss Red Cross can restore 7 health centres in the Luang Prabang region and equip them with medical instruments and medicines.

A single health centre can help 9,500 people a year!

CHF 50,000 per health centre
DSC01018 12

A tuk-tuk outpatient clinic for pregnant and birthing women

In countries like Ghana and Laos, women who are pregnant and giving birth have to walk to the nearest health centre. Sometimes 20 kilometers and more. As a result, women have to give birth at home, under difficult and unhygienic conditions. These conditions are a major health risk for the mother and the child.

This can be changed with little effort. With your help, the Swiss Red Cross buys 50 tuk-tuks, converts them into mini ambulances and trains drivers for them.

Donate a Tuk-Tuk ambulance and help 6’000 people over the years!

CHF 3,000 per ambulance

Silent Auction

In addition to the official charity auction, we provide our guests with yet more opportunities to give themselves and their loved ones something special while supporting the Swiss Red Cross. Throughout the evening, exclusive and beautiful items are waiting to be purchased directly at their table. The silent auction lots are displayed individually in the foyer or on screen with details and can be bid for directly through Ipads.