The rapid ageing of populations is a well-documented fact and a key policy issue in the twenty-first century. Currently, Europe has one of the oldest populations in the world. More often than not, ageing is treated as a source of concern by governments, as they fear that the financial means to meet the needs of an ageing population will be insufficient.

In poor regions especially, elderly people often live on their own, isolated and hardly noticed by the public. They are often among the most vulnerable members of society.

The Swiss Red Cross works every day to improve the health of lonely elderly people, especially those in disadvantaged regions. Together with our partners, we are committed to helping the elderly in the poorest areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. In these countries, we support our partner organizations in setting up home-based care services to provide support and to prevent social isolation of the elderly and sick people at home.

At this years Red Cross Gala in Zurich we aim to raise funds to help improve the health and well-being of vulnerable elderly people. Will you support us?