Water and hygiene are an inseparable pair. They are the prerequisites for health and development. Yet these amenities are lacking in many regions of Nepal. Albeit around 80% of the Nepalese population have access to water, it is not safe to drink and makes them ill. Every year, around 44,000 children die from drinking dirty water. Only 27% of the population have access to sanitary facilities.

The Swiss Red Cross has been helping people in Nepal for more than 40 years. Besides providing eye care, disaster preparedness and healthcare, we are helping the people of Nepal to build a safe water supply and latrines and teaching the connection between good health and hygiene.

In 2020, the Red Cross Gala intends to support these efforts in Nepal. Together we can enable these poor people to build a better future for themselves and their children.

Improving quality of life worldwide

In 2017, the Swiss Red Cross programmes enabled more than 4 million people in 30 countries to have better access to medical treatment.

Extensive program

The Swiss Red Cross improves the health of children every day in countries like Ghana, Bangladesh, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Ecuador, Honduras and Paraguay. With its programmes, the Red Cross supports women during pregnancy and childbirth, protects children from malnutrition and helps to strengthen women’s rights.