The guests at the Swiss Red Cross Gala in St Moritz on Saturday donated a total of 1.1 millions to Swiss Red Cross water and hygiene projects. More than 650 million people worldwide still have no regular access to clean drinking water. The Swiss Red Cross will use the donations to improve the beneficiaries’ quality of life and future prospects.

Improving access to clean water and hygiene conditions in disadvantaged rural areas of the world is a crucial issue for the Swiss Red Cross. Because water shortages and a lack of sanitary facilities are a danger to health, food safety, lifestyles and educational opportunities. And that weakens these societies, and they remain incapable of fulfilling their potential.

Auction for a good cause

The proceeds of the Swiss Red Cross Gala will fund water and hygiene programmes in 12 countries. British auctioneer Hugh Edmeades took up the gavel for the charity auction, in which the range of exclusive prizes included a water supply system for a village in Nepal, sanitary facilities for maternity units in Ghana, and toilets for schools in both these countries.

The gala was held at Badrutt’s Palace in St Moritz, in a region famous for its water sources: lakes, mountain streams and glaciers. In his speech, Swiss Red Cross President Thomas Heiniger, who was attending a gala for the first time in his new role, expressed his gratitude to the more than 300 guests. “Thanks to your donations, the Swiss Red Cross can make sustainable improvements to the lives of people suffering from a lack of running water and offer them better prospects.

Together for clean water

The success of the evening would not have been possible without the support of the St. Moritz Gala Board: Its members Siro Barino, Daniela Spuhler-Hoffmann, Bettina Friedli-Munz, Marianne Walde, Richard Dillier and Silvio Martin Staub have been working tirelessly to make this record of raised funds possible. Furthermore, thanks to all of the sponsors, but especially premium sponsors medica and Credit Suisse, gold sponsors BDO, Carl F. Bucherer and Schlossatelier and our hospitality partners Moët & Chandon and the Badrutt’s Palace.

Richard Dillier, Silvio Martin Staub, Bettina Friedli-Munz, Thomas Heiniger (SRC), Marianne Walde, Siro Barino, Daniela Spuhler-Hoffmann, Markus Mader (SRC)