For strong and healthy families

In 2022, the Red Cross Gala in St. Moritz will help the most vulnerable members of society by developing programmes specifically for children and women in Bangladesh and Sudan, focusing on three topics: prevention, support and mentoring.

Education Health promotion: hygiene, drinking water, latrines, food (vegetable gardens, balanced diet, supplementary food), family planning, environmental protection.

Prevention Maternal and child care: pregnancy and newborn monitoring (obstetrics, vaccination campaigns, cancer screening), control of infectious diseases (e.g. malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, cholera), promotion of a healthy lifestyle to prevent non-communicable diseases such as diabetes.

Curative care: first aid, treatment of endemic diseases, control of epidemics, responsible use of essential medicines, transfer to clinics and support for seriously ill patients and pregnant women at risk of childbirth.

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