In addition to the official charity auction, we provide our guests with yet more opportunities to give themselves and their loved ones something special while supporting the Swiss Red Cross. Throughout the evening, exclusive and beautiful items are waiting to be purchased directly at their table.

The silent auction lots are displayed individually in the foyer or on screen with details and can be bid for directly through iPads.


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Memorable photo from your helicopter flight over the Alps

Take a part in a helicopter flight over the Alps while enjoying a good coffee break over breathtaking views of the Couronne Imperiale mountains. You will be able to take memorable photos alongside a professional photographer. Certainly a great experience!

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11 11

“Golden Balls” by Charlotte Colbert

Language, psychoanalysis, socio-political constructions of gender and identity are at the heart of Colbert’s practice. Spanning film, photography, ceramics, and sculpture, she questions narrative structures and storytelling, weaving surreal and fantastical mise en scene in a documentarian approach to characters, figures, and people. Fiction becomes a way to approach the truth and the most intimate emotions.

CHF 4’200.—
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12 12

“Mountain 8/Saanersloch” by Irene Kung

Irene Kung was born in Switzerland in 1958, has an education in graphic design, and has studied painting in Rome. After finishing her studies, she began to focus more and more on photography. Her work has appeared in numerous solo exhibitions in London, New York, Beijing and Buenos Aires.

CHF 4’800.—
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13 13

The Bellevue Bond Experience

Be chauffeur driven in Roger Moore’s old vintage S3 Bentley to one of Switzerland’s most secure, glacially cooled gold vaults at the heart of the mountain. Have a Bellevue curated fondue in the sky tower overhanging the air strip, before returning to the pampering luxury of the amazing Le Grand Bellevue hotel and its expansive thermal oasis and spa.

CHF 3’100.—
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14 14

Ethan K bag “The Glamourous Box”

The glamour box is a bag shrouded in mystery. Inspired by the Art Deco era and the mystery of golden age Shanghai, it is reminiscent of a tea salon by day, whisky bar by night!

CHF 3’750.—
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15 15

Downhill dreams with Bruno Kernen

Downhill alpine ski Champion Bruno Kernen is waiting for you to enjoy the slopes of Gstaad. After an amazing skiing day, he is hosting you for 2 nights in a superior West room in Hotel des Alpes for two with a 4 courses meal dinner, welcome drink and canapes.

CHF 3’000.—
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16 16

“Seraphine” by Griet Van Malderen

A field principally dominated by men, it is rare to find a female photographer equipped with her cameras and lenses in the African bush! Consequently, Griet Van Malderen is the exception to the rule. This Belgian from Flanders did not follow any theoretical courses in photography. Her talent was born the day she first set foot in South Africa those many years ago.

CHF 4’630.—
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17 17

"Haute Couture" skincare program by Biologique Recherche

Indulge yourself with one month “Haute Couture” program: Experience a dermo-cosmetic evaluation and diagnosis using Skin Instant Lab machine. Receive a made-to-measure box of two creams and eight serums, specially customized for your individual skin needs. Enjoy a 90-minutes Personalized Facial at Ambassade Biologique Recherche Geneve or Zurich.

CHF 2’500.—
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18 18

Oona Pure Swiss Alpine Caviar

The world of pleasure has become richer by a new delicacy with the “Oona” pure mountain water caviar. The first Swiss caviar makes its appearance in the market in a natural and sustainable manner, produced with the finest craftsmanship.

CHF 3’850.—
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19 19

Academic studies and alpine activities

Choose between:

MY FAMILY GSTAAD MOUNTAIN CAMPUS. An unforgettable first experience away from home in the alpine countryside.

NEW HEIGHTS RĒGENT CAMP. Academic studies and alpine activities in the sunniest area of the Swiss alps.

CHF 6’400.—
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20 20

Ride a Ferrari to Maranello

Ride a Ferrari from Switzerland to Maranello and discover the exclusive and unique Ferrari World. For 2 people, min. 14 years old

CHF 8’000.—
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21 21

Art advisory

On the occasion of the Bal de la Croix Rouge in Gstaad, Edward Mitterrand will donate half a day’s worth of art advisory to either evaluate an existing collection, walk the aisles of Art Geneve early March in Geneva and comment specific works, build a collection profile or make propositions to place a work of art on a specific wall

CHF 2’000.—
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22 22

The Ultima Gstaad Summer Getaway

Spend a lovely summer weekend with our Ultima Gstaad Summer Getaway. Relax in our boutique and effortlessly chic hotel in the Swiss Alps with a two-night stay for 2 persons, including breakfast in room or at the restaurant a la carte.

CHF 3’000.—
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23 23

SRC Project: Help 30 families during coldest months

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, winters are long and cold. Elderly people often live below the subsistence level. In winter, they have to decide whether to buy firewood for heating, warm clothes or food. This is where SRC Winter Aid comes in. In Armenia and Moldova the Swiss Red Cross supports soup kitchens during the winter months.

CHF 5’000.—
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24 24

SRC Project: Food and water during the particularly harsh winter

Through the project Mobile Teams and Service Points for Migrants, 30’000 migrants receive food, warm blankets, winter clothing, shoes, but also first aid and psychosocial support. The Swiss Red Cross supports seven mobile teams in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

CHF 3’000.—
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25 25

SRC Project: Food parcels for 12 weeks for 10 people in Armenia and Moldova

Food package that lasts for 12 weeks and can feed 10 people through the winter.

CHF 1’500.—
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