In addition to the official charity auction there are further opportunities for guests to treat themselves or their loved ones to something special while supporting the Swiss Red Cross.

Throughout the evening, exclusive and beautiful items are available for purchase, by silent auction. These specific lots are displayed individually in the foyer or on screen with full details; bids can be made directly using the iPads provided at every table.

The Ball’s silent auction is now closed.


Silent_Web 09

Dream of a thousand and one nights in Marrakech with Artcurial

2 10

Unforgettable stay at the Slate in a vibrant private villa on Phuket island

10 11

Get an amazing landscaping service with JB Jardins

11 12

Dive into the heart of the French luxury with the LV Foundation and a night at the Chateau Mont Royal

12 13

“Hathor” by Thalie B. Vernet

13 14

“Mother and Child 2021” by Reto E. Rast

14 15

Circular sculpture by Alexia Weill

15 16

Elie Chatila 18kt rose gold pendant

16 17

Bvlgari Experience and meal prepared by Chef Thierry Marx in Paris

17 18

Family photoshoot by Anoush Abrar

18 19

Dream holiday at the luxurious Seacliff Resort and Spa in Zanzibar

19 20

Unique Miloo electric bike designed by Serval

20 21

Cuvée Cathelin Ermitage wine from Eduardo Sonoda’s private collection

21 22

Cartier Santos 100 Watch

22 23

“Hope” illustration by Florine Asch

23 24

Swiss Red Cross project: Providing 2 motorbikes for health outreach services

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24 25

Swiss Red Cross project: 5 bags containing equipment for health outreach visits

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26 26

Geneva Red Cross project: Promote the professional integration of women

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27 27

Geneva Red Cross project: Support the integration and academic success of children

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Live Auction

The live auction is one of the major highlights of the Swiss Red Cross Ball in Geneva. Fortunate buyers can win themselves exceptional lots, priceless experiences and unique opportunities. So get caught up in the auction fever and up the ante! The Artcurial auctionners Stéphane Aubert and Geoffroy Ader will be more than happy to take action!