Mrs Barbara Schmid-Federer

President of the Swiss Red Cross

I want to commit myself wholeheartedly and with all my strength to the Swiss Red Cross, the unique aid organisation which, through the principles of its action, its long experience, the breadth of its work and its embedding in a worldwide movement, works for more humanity in this world.


Presentation of the Committees

The Red Cross Ball in Geneva is supported by many  friends  who sit on the various committees. This precious support enables the event to extend throughout Switzerland and beyond and plays a major role in the evening’s success. The commitment of the different committees make a considerable contribution.

Sheikh Mohammed El Khereiji

Honorary Chairman of the Ball & International Ambassador of the Swiss Red Cross

Red Cross Ball Committee

Executive Committee Members in 2021

Patronage Committee

Mrs Tatiana Valovaya
Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva
State Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva in corpore
State Chancellor
Executive Council of the City of Geneva
Mr Jagan Chapagain
General Secretary of the IFRC Societies
Mr Robert Mardini
General Director of the ICRC
Mrs Isabel Rochat
Chairwoman of the IRCM Foundation Board
Mr Jean-Pierre Greff
Director of the HEAD Geneva
Mr Christian Lüscher
Member of the National Council
Mr Raymond Loretan
Mr Bertrand and Mrs Michèle Piccard
Countess Barbara Zanon Di Valgiurata

Honorary Committee

Sheikh Mohammed El Khereiji
Honorary Chairman and International Ambassador of the Swiss Red Cross
Mr Segun Agbaje
Group CEO, Guaranty Trust Holding Company plc
Mr Abdallah Chatila
President of m3 Group
Mr David Collas
General Manager of Mandarin Oriental, Geneva
Mrs Catherine de Marignac
Member of the IRCM Foundation Board

Swiss Red Cross

Mrs Barbara Schmid-Federer
Mrs Karolina Frischkopf
Deputy Director

Support Committee

Mrs Charlotte Henry

Support Committee Member

Thank you so much to the Swiss Red Cross for allowing me to help keep this ball alive and growing.

Thanks to the funds collected and thanks to you, the Red Cross can support solidarity projects in Geneva and internationally.

In these particularly difficult times, solidarity is our strength.

Mrs Louise Lombard

Support Committee Member

For me, the Red Cross is a symbol of help to the most deprived, of peace, of unity, of solidarity and selflessness.

Each gesture comes from the heart, out of love for others.

This is what motivates me to be part of the Ball Committee and to support the Swiss Red Cross projects.

Mrs Lila Izzo

Support Committee Member

Je suis reconnaissante pour cette magnifique opportunité qui m’est offerte de contribuer au Swiss Red Cross Ball et ainsi prendre part à un changement positif et concret pour ceux qui en ont le plus besoin.

C’est très enrichissant de pouvoir apporter ma pierre à l’édifice de cette cause.

Mrs Julie Comar Picot

Support Committee Member

It’s such an honor to join the Swiss Red Cross Ball family!

During my 8 years spent abroad for professional reasons, I always carried with me the values of the Red Cross:  humanity, universality, independence, close to my heart like my polar star either in the Middle East or in the USA.

I am fully energized to take up challenging projects which would work in the benefit of the Red Cross organization.

International Ambassadors

Absa Kane

Mrs Absa Kane

International Ambassador of the Swiss Red Cross

Sheikh Mohammed El Khereiji

International Ambassador of the Swiss Red Cross
Dania Samawi

Mrs Dania Samawi

International Ambassador of the Swiss Red Cross