The live auction is one of the major highlights of the Swiss Red Cross Ball in Geneva. Fortunate buyers can win themselves exceptional lots, priceless experiences and unique opportunities.

The 2021 live auction is now closed.

You still can help the Red Cross projects by making a donation. Thank you for your support!


1 01

Dive into the heart of the 17th Century and experience the Grand Siècle

Dive into an idyllic setting where classic elegance meets absolute refinement.

Laurent-Perrier is proud to receive you in the intimate and very exclusive Château de Louvois. A team of experts mastered in the art of French hospitality will take you on a tour of the Château and its gardens.

The experience continues with a tasting of Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle Champagnes accompanied by an exquisite gastronomical dinner.

The following morning, immerse yourself in all aspects of champagne making with a visit of the prestigious “Caves de Laurent-Perrier” in Tours-sur-Marne before heading back to reality around midday.

2 02

Exclusive piece of art

Let’s be surprised!

We invite you to discover the exclusive piece of art offered by Opera Gallery in the cocktail room during the evening.

3 03

“Merveilles” Icicle ruby and diamond earrings, “Red Cross” Special Edition – Unique Piece

Exclusively designed for the Swiss Red Cross Ball, the earrings are set in a delicate spiral of interlocking diamonds and rubies.

With its modern and elongated shape, the Merveilles Icicle is a jewel of contemporary understated elegance. The revolutionary Merveilles technique allows gems to be set on all sides of a jewel, with little to no metal visible, giving more freedom to the gems and revealing their scintillating beauty.

Boghossian boasts a rich history spanning over 150 years of creativity and gemological expertise. Based in Geneva the family-run Maison marries a fascinating, artistic heritage with innovative Swiss craftsmanship.

CHF 39,000.-
4 04

Unforgettable experience at The Alpina Gstaad

Get ready for a two nights getaway in a Deluxe Suite for 2 people in The Alpina Gstaad.

Enjoy a private cooking class with Martin Göschel (1‑star Michelin and 18‑points Gault Millau) who will teach you how to make his famous Zero Waste Pasta followed by dinner to enjoy the Zero Waste
Tasting Menu. To top it up, you will have also access to the Six Senses Spa and including a 60 min. couple massage.

If you plan to enjoy your package in Summer, fly upon the Alps with Dominique Gisin in her own plane and participate in a beekeeping workshop at The Alpina Gstaad with the hotel’s Master Beekeeper and learn what an important role this little creatures play in todays ecosystem.

If you prefer a Winter getaway, enjoy an exceptional day of skiing with Dominique Gisin, Olympic gold medalist in Sochi. She has been an ambassador for the Swiss Red Cross since 2015 and works
for natural disaster relief abroad and for disadvantaged families in Switzerland.

5 05

Haute-couture dress made “sur mesure” by the Antonio Riva Milano atelier

Immerse yourself in the Italian way of life.

Let yourself be adorned in a unique dress by Antonio Riva Milano. Enjoy an exclusive meeting with Antonio Riva in the idyllic Palazzo Toschi Corneliani in Milan. Be pampered and have all your dreams come true with a dress created just for you.

After your fittings in the prestigious atelier, appreciate a meal for two at the Bar & Bistro of the Mandarin Oriental, Milan. The hotel will also welcome you for a magical night in one of its sumptuous and breathtakingly suites.

CHF 18,000.-
6 06

Swiss Red Cross project: Supporting 76 health outreach visits to remote villages

In Luang Prabang, in northern Laos, many families in remote villages and disadvantaged areas do not have access to quality health services. Some villages are reachable only by boat, making the trip to the nearest health center very long and difficult. The Red Cross is supporting outreach services to villages to improve access to health care.

With CHF 50,000.– you can support the health staff of 19 health centers in conducting four outreach visits to remote villages during one year. On these visits,
the health workers ensure basic health care for the village population. More importantly, they also provide medical check-ups for pregnant women to prevent complications that could put the women and the unborn babies in danger.

CHF 50,000.-
7 07

Swiss Red Cross project: Helping mothers care for their babies with 1,250 newborn kits

In Luang Prabang in northern Laos, only half of all women who gave birth had four check-ups during their pregnancies, while 20% had no medical check-ups at all. 69% of all births take place in health facilities, but only 41% of newborns receive a medical check-up within the first two days of life. Only one out of three children below age 2 is fully immunized. The Red Cross encourages women to give birth at health centers and provides them with newborn kits to care for their babies in the first days and weeks after birth.

With CHF 25,000.– you help provide 1,250 mothers with newborn kits which include a warm blanket, baby wrappers, a hat, gloves and socks, a large and a small towel, a packet of washing poweder, a bar of soap, and a sin – a traditional garment for women.

CHF 25,000.-
8 08

Geneva Red Cross project: Emergency assistance to people in precarious situations in Geneva

Supporting people in humanitarian distress is at the heart of the Geneva Red Cross’ mission. Every day, the social workers of our Social Permanence meet those seeking help, offering them a safe space and distributing emergency assistance (food, cash assistance, clothes, etc.), while looking for long-term solutions.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the number of people in need of assistance to meet their basic needs (food, health and shelter) has dramatically increased in Geneva, making the local social situation particularly tense in the long-term.

With a donation of CHF 20,000.– you make it possible for 400 families in precarious situations to meet our social workers and receive direct and concrete support.

CHF 20,000.-

Silent Auction

In addition to the official charity auction, we provide our guests with yet more opportunities to give themselves and their loved ones something special while supporting the Swiss Red Cross. Throughout the evening, exclusive and beautiful items are waiting to be purchased directly at their table. The silent auction lots are displayed individually in the foyer or on screen with details and can be bid for directly through Ipads.