Help the Lebanese population with primary health care, access to water and sanitation


© SRC, photo by Monika Flueckiger, Lebanon

In 2022, the Red Cross Ball is committed to the most vulnerable among us by developing specific programs to help the Lebanese population. The latter is facing a disastrous socio-economic situation that is bringing Lebanon to the brink of ruin. The Swiss Red Cross is helping its local counterpart by focusing on two main areas : access to basic primary health care and access to water and sanitation.

The Swiss Red Cross supports the Lebanese Red Cross and is making considerable efforts to help a population in dire straits. The financial crisis in the country is so dramatic that it is having a catastrophic effect on the entire population, not to mention the terrible effects of the 2020 Beirut port explosion, the Covid pandemic and the 1 million Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, which are causing additional stress on the Lebanese infrastructure. At present, it is becoming impossible to obtain medicines and therefore to treat oneself.

Access to drinking water is also a major concern. This additional difficulty is creating more and more tension between the Syrian and Lebanese communities.  The Red Cross is developing an innovative project which aims to enable the setting up of water stations offering better access to drinking water. These stations will be supplied with electricity using renewable energy.

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