In 2019 the Red Cross Ball intends to enable the Swiss Red Cross to develop its programmes in Armenia and expand its support for the elderly, handicapped and chronically sick persons living in rural regions.

We will focus ourselves on improving access to good quality healthcare and care services for the elderly and handicapped people, on helping the Armenian Red Cross to improve its organization and facilities, setting up services for the elderly, handicapped and chronically sick and launch a new community services for care and assistance at home in Armenia. We will train the elderly to become volunteers as well as bringing together young people and the elderly.


It is a long-standing tradition for the SRC to organize a charity gala event in support of international cooperation projects. The theme ‘Helping the ones left behind’ was chosen for the Ball 2019 with a focus on poor elderly people in Armenia.

To find out more about the SRC’s work and meet the beneficiaries in person, the members of the Geneva organizing committee travelled to Armenia in May 2019. Accompanied by the on-site team, they were able to meet the local teams as well as beneficiaries. More information will follow.

Photo gallery: ©Nick Danziger for the Monaco and Swiss Red Cross


A poor population

Older people in Armenia are extremely vulnerable. With entering the pension age their social status is declining, their risk of marginalisation is rising.

Nearly half of the Armenian pensioners are living below poverty level, lacking adequate nutrition, medical treatment and care.

An aging population,
an overstrained government

Although more than 10 percent of the Armenian population are 65 or older, neither the social services nor the health structures really know about the older population’s needs.

Instead, several NGOs are involved in social services provision. Some of these NGOs operate with support from the state budget though procedures for obtaining such funding are not clearly defined and non-transparent.

Our commitment

We help older people in the Region of Lori and Shirak through community based home care assistance, recruiting and training older people as volunteers as well as strengthening the Armenian Red Cross.

In total alsmost 14,000 people benefit from these actions. Almost all of them are 65+ years old, live alone or are lonely. About 2,000 of the beneficiaries are people with limited abilities or are suffering from chronical illness.

Charity programmes in Geneva

The Geneva Red Cross is carrying out local programmes to help the elderly living in Geneva under precarious conditions and often socially isolated. In praticular the Geneva Red Cross implements three programmes dedicated to elderly people.

  1. The aim of the 1st programme Seniors from here and elsewhere is to promote contacts and improve their well-being and integration into mainstream society.
  2. The 2nd programme Me, a senior includes training for the younger generations to make them more aware of the difficulties faced by older generations and to promote intergenerational solidarity.
  3. And the 3rd programme run by the Centre for Cultural Integration offers tools to make life easier for the older generations.