Attending the Red Cross Charity Event provides a unique opportunity to actively support the programmes run by the Red Cross Movement

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The Swiss Red Cross strives to prevent and alleviate human suffering, both in Switzerland and abroad, by helping people whose lives are affected by natural disasters or man-made conflicts, people who are socially disadvantaged, the elderly or fragile, those deprived of access to appropriate care, migrants, refugees and people without official documentation.

We are delighted that you, dear Red Cross Ball and Gala friends, agree to help us fulfil our duty to support people in need. You, and all those who worked hard to organize the Red Cross charity events, are making an important contribution to greater humanity.

Thank you for your valuable support

About the Swiss Red Cross

The Swiss Red Cross supports people and communities in over 30 countries worldwide. It is helping them to live healthy lives, protect themselves from natural disasters, and overcome crises. In this pursuit, the Swiss Red Cross unites health, integration and rescue like no other relief organisation. In Switzerland it brings together 24 cantonal branches, four rescue organisations and two institutions under the umbrella of the national branch office of the Swiss Red Cross (SRC).

The national branch office in Bern coordinates the day-to-day business of the Swiss Red Cross, both in national and international matters. It also carries out tasks on behalf of the Red Cross Assembly and the Red Cross Council and acts as a competence centre and service provider for the entire Swiss Red Cross.

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